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If there is one thing we will never forget of the many emotions and surprises we experienced while traveling to places far from our land, it is swimming among huge sea turtles in Akumal beach.

It looked like they were going to collide with us when they suddenly changed their course to resurface and take a breath of oxygen… nature can offer  lot of different emotions but that experience was definitely a top one.


Akumal is not only a beautiful beach of white sand and green palm trees, as it gives you the surprise of finding these enchanting and protected creatures just a few steps from the shore. Turtles lay their eggs there during the summertime but unfortunately their number diminishes every year – a problem which is due to overbuilding along the coastline.


Together with Tulum, Akumal is the top place for all the major all inclusive tourists resorts in Mexico, which means basically a series of luxury hotels, whose guests are mainly American and Canadian tourists. These places include private beaches, restaurants, golf courses, swimming pools, discos and spas, all of them located on a 5 kilometers long beach.

Akumal beaches are real beautiful and it is a lively spot, even if there is no night life with exception of the tourists resort clubs. Anyway you can get to the city centre of Playa del Carmen in just fifteen minutes by taxi or by bus, as buses leaving for Playa del Carmen are very frequent. The fare costs from 20 to 50 cents of euro and you can find bus tickets just outside the main holiday villages.

If you are looking for less expensive accommodation solutions , go to www.akumalvacations.com, where you can find places to rent that are located at a walking distance from Playa de Akumal. There are a couple of well-stocked convenience stores where you can shop at cheap prices, too.


Nearby amazing Mayan ruins are located on Tulum gorgeous coastline, where beaches seem to be made of sugar…there you will find such a clear sea water that its blue is kind of enchanting, especially when the sun shines and a nice breeze gently blows on the coast.

Tulum seems the scene of a fantastic painting and the ancient ruins standing out from its amazing natural scenery are definitely the most beautiful in the world.


Besides, you will find some funny cenotes and wonderful places to go diving, as well as a good choice of accommodation, ranging from expensive hotels to very cheap places. The only downside is the city centre, as it is located on a highway.  Anyway, you can get easily to Playa del Carmen, as from Akumal.


Most archaeologists believe that Tulum was inhabited in post classic times, that is the period of time going from 1200to  1521 b.C.  They say that it was a major port city during its heyday, as Mayan people used to sail along the coastline for their trades, up to the coasts of Belize.

The ramparts surrounding Tulum on three sides made it a strategic spot in ancient times. The walls protected this small city over a period of time in which wars among the different Mayan towns were both frequent and fierce. Administration buildings and ceremonial palaces inside the city were reserved exclusively to the ruling classes, while most of the people used to live outside the walls.

Tulum was abandoned to its natural fate by its inhabitants 75 years after the Spanish conquest. Nevertheless Mayan pilgrims kept on going back there sought refuge to escape the caste wars.

It is said that the word “Tulum” meant “walls” in Mayan language and was given the city by explorers in the 20th century, but in ancient times people called it “Zama”, which means “sunrise”.

Even if you are not spending your holidays there, do not miss the beauty of these enchanting natural scenes and get to Tulum and Akumal from  Playa del Carmen. We assure that you will not regret it.


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