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In the land of skyscrapers, of dreams and hopes, where a Canal  has created the largest and most important link of the oceans that allows traffic by sea around the world, we want  according to our personal experience to list the ten most important things to do if you are in vacation here.


1.Visit the Panama’s Canal and see the large cargo ships go up and down during transit from Miralflores jetty, with a short visit and shopping in the city of Panama City

Panama City is known for being both three cities in one, what we suggest, therefore, it is to visit two of this. The ancient city, where you can stroll and enjoy shopping in the cheap shops in the center and the most modern city with beautiful coastal views. Do not miss the view of the famous Canal at a cost of $ 15 from the popular point of transit of Miralflores. And if after visiting the channel you still want to go shopping, the supermarket not far “Albrook Mall” offers many shops where you can buy all kinds of products!


2. Make a long, leisurely walk along the beach of Playa Blanca, in the south of Panama, to see fishermen dating back to the beach every morning with the boat full of big tuna fish

Playa Blanca is the longest beach in nearly 100 kilometers from the center of Panama City, in our opinion beautiful and yet little exploited by tourism luckily, here there are many hostels and even apartment  where to stay, also there is one of the most famous southern resort America, the Royal Decameron Playa Blanca. Stay a few days in this Panamanian paradise will allow you to get away from the busy city and if you’re lucky, see the fishermen who every day go back to the beach with the big tuna fish.


3.Visit Bocas del Toro and the National Marine Park

Bocas Del Toro encompasses part of National Park and the country’s only marine Park, testimony as good as any to the province’s extensive beaches, pristine coral reefs and virgin rain forests.

Intruth, the biodiversity of the region is remarkable. Of further interest in the Afro – Caribbean influence in the local culture, as showcased through architecture, cuisine and other forms of folkloric expression.

The archipelago is made up of six beautiful islands and it is only 32 km from Costa Rica. Bocas Del Toro is famous from  the beautiful  beaches, the reef and the forest vegetation, which attracts a multitude of tourists from around the world.

4.Go to the San Blas Island

These exotic and paradisiacal islands, surrounded by the Caribbean Sea, is in the care of one of the most traditional Indigenous civilizations in the Americas. The Kuna Indians, whose culture is doubtlessly the most well preserved among all the American Indigenous tribes. They  have been given the authority to establish their own self rules territory, la Comarca de San Blas, where a tribe parliament rules over the local population.


San Blas islands is made up of about 360 islets and atolls of unique beauty and inhabited by just over 50 people in the place. Guests can lounge in the white sand beaches and renting of local boats, admire the beautiful coral reef snorkeling. . Take a leisurely walk through a typical village, while interacting with the natives and taking the opportunity to buy some pretty molas, the finest in kuna craftsmanship.



5.Go to Cerro Campana, the national park where you can admire the beautiful species of tropical birds

Cerro Campana, located 50 kilometers from Playa Blanca, extends in an area of ​​approximately 4,800 hectares and was one of the first areas to be included in 1967 in the National Park. During the construction of the Panama Canal was totally protected, to preserve life and biodiversity present at the place. In the area, characterized by the mountains and the climate, there are many species of birds that can be seen, such as toucans, peacocks and many others, as well as audibly sounds.


6.Visit Anton Valley and the thermal baths

At 45 minutes from Playa Blanca you can enjoy a picturesque village perched on a crater, now extinct, of a volcano. Here it is nice to walk around in the local market on a Saturday morning to buy tropical fruits, flowers and vegetables, or wander into the forest to the waterfalls of Macho Charro. Nearby it is also may also make use of the spa and indulge in their well-being. Important not to forget to bring along repellent, sunscreen, change of clothes, towels and of course costume.

7. Delving into the culture of the artisans of the province of Coclé

A prominent characteristic of the Coclé  province is the artistic vocation of its inhabitant. This is showcased by the large diversity of handmade products and the variety of natural materials used to elaborate them: hats, wicker baskets, wood carving and painting, jewellery manufacturing, embroidery and carvings in “soap stone”.  If you will visit this place, you can see “Panafruit”, a local cashew processing plant.

Visit the Cocle province mean to taste characteristic and strong propensity for the art of this fantastic people who live in this area.

8.Go down the road of Rhum, in the San Isidro company

If you like alcohol, you can’t skip this step … in the Herrera province about 45 minutes from Playa Blanca, there is the company of San Isidro, popular in Panama and around the world for the production of this delicious Rum, the Abuelo Rum and Seco Herrano. Here you can see all its production and savor the history of this family in the Rum production has based its life. You can visit the distillery and is also scheduled tasting alcoholic product.

9.Visit the indigenous communities of the Embera

In Darién province, enveloped by mountains, it is possible to enter and visit one of these ancient indigenous communities of the Panamanian tribe. Will explain their history, their culture, you can see their traditional dances and their traditional clothes, you can enjoy a typical indigenous meal of fried fish.


10.Get on the Panama Express Train

If you are in Panama, one of the best way to see all this beautiful country is for sure, take the Panama Express  train… here you can see though the window all the green landscapes of the peninsula … you can from Colon, skirting the vast Gatun Lake to the verdant tropical forest.




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