When we plan to go on a trip we always make a list of the main things we cannot do without during the journey . Here’s a packing list with 10 most important objects you need not to forget at home:

  1. Passports and/or I.D. cards;
  2. Cash and/or credit cards;
  3. Reservation vouchers for hotels, flights etc.
  4. A pocket-size travel guide and/or materials we download off the internet for basic information on the place we are traveling to: monuments, places and restaurants, discos, beaches,  local events, maps of subway (if there is one);
  5. Mobile chargers;
  6. Camera, tablet;
  7. Travel supplements to reduce jet lag (for long journeys only);
  8. First aid kit with essential medications: aspirin and paracetamol tablets, disinfectant solutions or creams, bandages, dysentery pills etc.
  9. Mosquito-repellent sprays and sunscreens (in seaside places);
  10. Basic travel clothing and swimsuits.