Hi, I’m Lucia and I love traveling more than anything else !  As a teen I choose to study foreign languages, in order to develop my passion for travel, which I share with Nicola, my life partner for 13 years. I graduated in law and in June 2014 and soon after receiving a literary prize from a well known publishing company in Florence, I created “Cuoriribelli” travel blog with the view to join my love for writing and my huge desire to travel the world, finding new adventures.  Nicola attended the local hospitality school and while traveling he’s the one in charge of taking pictures.

He and I have worked for over 7 years in the restaurant and tourism industry. We have also treated ourselves to journeys  combining seaside holidays with culture and amusement, aiming at our personal and cultural growth. We decide our destinations and work together at new projects. We both love to try new local food and give advice on places to eat in travel destinations around the world !

Our first time “on the road”  took place in Thailand in 2010. We crossed  the country  traveling dirt tracks and taking local buses till we finally got Cambodia. That was when we realized that we had changed and that we could not go back to our old selves. As trips and places we visited are  still in our hearts we want to share in the present blog the gifts we received by traveling, giving our readers useful tips as well as sharing with them our feelings and inspiring them to travel the globe.

From march 2015 to June 2016 we moved to Britain’s beautiful capital city for professional reasons. London gave us new excitement and this is why we used the blog to share a number of aspects of the town which a few days trip unfortunately does not allow tourists to enjoy.

Our blog tells readers about the experiences of two backpackers traveling around the globe. We  aim at being of some help to people who plan to go for a journey and are willing to know what can make their holiday a unique experience. We also make sure that our posts offer useful suggestions and tips on how to save money and use local means of transport while traveling.

Our destinations are faraway places as well as great spots to visit in our beloved country, as Italy still provides tourists with amazing views, ancient villages preserving our heritage and one of the world’s finest  local cuisine. One of our goals is to promote Italian magnificent views and countless places that are worth visiting, indeed.

This blog is a mix of our feelings, pictures and memories that we want to share with our readers. All the information we give is based on facts we truly experienced while traveling on real roads, which we personally tried and tested !

In the 2014 I have partecipated with my travel’s story “VIAGGIO SENZA RITORNO” to the contest of the italian’s tour operator GoAsia.

From January 2017 I am part of the team “PREMIUM” and I write articles like sent in the world also for the online magazine of Milan’s publishing house WEEKEND PREMIUM , I’m dispensing useful tips for traveling Low Cost and more …

Finalist to the Literary Contest with the Publishing Company Ibiskos 2014


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