MARRAKECH- Marocco magic town

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The trip from Casablanca to Marrakech takes place on a desert road. It looks like you are traveling in the middle of nowhere. Looking out from the bus window you will see an uninhabited landscape made of huge fallow fields where green is totally lacking. One can see some tiny white houses spotting this dry land, with no doors no windows, and some shepherd walking barefoot on the roadside with his three sheep.

Finally we glimpse our destination Here it is, the magic and aristocratic city of Marrakesh, located at the foot of the snowy peaks of a rocky plateau and surrounded by its ancient walls. This is one of Morocco typical tourist attraction and it is visited from tourists from all over the world.

Right after entering the city, you will immediately catch sight of some impressive mosques, of luxuriant palm trees and of some typical scaffolds made with wooden sticks  – as well as of its poverty at the streets sides.


Marrakec 2


Medersa Ibn Youssouf is the main Koranic school in Morocco. It was established in 1565 and it may hold up to 400 people. Here we had the opportunity to be amazed at magnificent stuccoworks, mosaics and cedar-wood marquetries.

Later on, our tourist guide led us towards Bahia Palace, a royal and sumptuous building that was the former residence to the Marrakesh vizier. Then we finally reached the market place, whose crowded lanes we walked to tour the Blacksmith Souk, the Babouche Souk and Semmarine Souk. There you will have the chance to admire brocade and silk tissues while local dyers hang their newly colored silk and wool bundles at Dyers Souk to dry them, providing tourists an amazing and colorful show.

At the end we got enraptured by the scent of spices, that awakened our sense of smell…as well as by snake charmers’ enchanting music, that has snakes sinuously getting out their wicker baskets and moving to its rhythm…and by the stalls selling silver and silk products, carpets, perfumes, essences. Everything happened while being immersed in Jeema El Fna magic atmosphere. This is one of Africa most famous squares, that at dusk becomes even more beautiful and charming.


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