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Did you know that …

… in London Tube stations you always need to stand on the right side of the stairs ? The left side is  for people in a hurry only, so that they can walk straight to the trains and not waiting for the escalator to bring them down.


… Thai people do not like going to the beach during the warmest hours of the day and when they need to do it they get there fully dressed  ? Most of them go the seaside only at sunset, they just loathe suntan and believe  pale skin to be a sign of beauty, wealth and majesty.


… in Cambodia people eat grasshoppers, insect larvae and fried spiders ? They also sell them on street food stalls, as if they were candies…


… when you buy in English shops you have to put money straight in the hands of the teller  ? You must not put it on the counter as that would be considered as a sign of rudeness .


… in Germany people usually have dinner at 5.30, 6.00 p.m. whereas in Spain it never happens  before 9 in the evening ?


… the road running along Miami Beach is called Ocean Drive and bartenders there serve people giant cocktails and soft drinks ?


… Morocco and Tunisia produce essentials oils that are exported all over the world for perfume manufacturing?


… near Playa del Carmen in the Mexican countryside there is a road to the archaeological site of Cobà, where a family of the last descendants of Mayan still live ? Like all Mayans, they are not more than 1,20 m tall.


… argan oil is produced  from the Maroccan plant “ Argania Spinosa ? It is also called “the elixir of life” , due to its exceptional properties for skin care.


… Swaroski is an Austrian city near Innsbruck ? It offers a unique show of light and colours created by millions of small swaroski jewels on the walls, statues and windows shops. Here you can buy them at more convenient prices than anywhere else in the world.


… Carthage was in Tunisia ? You can still behold the ruins of this ancient town there.


… Cambodia produces and exports crocodile leather bags and wallets all over the world ? 


… the sun sets approximately at 5.30 p.m. in Mexico and about two hours later, at approximately 7.30 , in Thailand?


… Marrakech main square is called Jemaâ El Fna ? Here you can find snake charmers who  give tourists a specially intriguing  show usually accompanied by beautiful music.


… in the Cayman Islands there is a small village that is called Hell, as its dry rocky territory is made of jagged black limestone ? You cannot walk there but it is possible to behold this landscape from special wood rannig boards. Another fun fact about Cayman Islands is the presence of blue iguana , a unique and beautiful animal that risked extinction for a long time.


… Lanzarote is the most northeastern place in Spanish Canary Islands ? It got its name by Lanzerotto Malocello, the Genoese sailor who discovered and conquered it in 1312.


… Roatan Island, Honduras, was the set for playing the famous shrimp fish scenes in “Forrest Gump” movie with Tom Hanks ? Shellfish is one of the most successful businesses of the island inhabitants, indeed.


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