CHIANCIANO SPA – A wellbeing oasis in the beauty of Tuscany

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“ Men go abroad to wonder at the heights of mountains, at the huge waves of the sea, at the long courses of the rivers, at the vast compass of the ocean, at the circular motions of the stars, and they pass by themselves without wondering” (Saint Augustine).


What is wellbeing  if not finding moments for yourself  to finally relax and to enjoy the peace of silence while floating in thermal waters ? There is a very special kind of it to be cradled by – one  that seems to get under your skin to reach your soul.


Chianciano spa resorts are surrounded by the green spaces of the ancient Acquasanta park, so as to  provide  you with a perfect meeting between relax and nature.  They remind you of a pleasant sensation of comfort that everyone should enjoy at least once in their life in order to escape from daily routines and work-related stress.


There you will find both the perfect cure for many common diseases and the chance to forget your negative thoughts, that gradually fade away,  as if hidden by the flowing of time.


Chianciano spa offers two main  resorts: the Sensory spa, that was built approximately ten years ago, and the new Theia Thermal pools, that were built just three years ago and are being expanded.

On your arrival at the Sensory spa you are welcomed by a nice flight of stairs surrounded by a lovely park.  Alongside its steps, rows of giant trees… the view is surreal and so amazing that it gives visitors the illusion of being on the set of a fantasy movie . But at the same time this spa makes you feel at home as soon as you walk through its hall.

The Sensory spa are located in Acqua Santa thermal park right in the heart of Tuscany countryside and it represents a unique thermal resort in Italy.  It provides visitors with a perfect mix of thermal baths and naturopathy in a most relaxing and comfortable space from which you will enjoy the beautiful view of Tuscany landscapes. The medical tradition of Chakras is renewed inside most modern buildings and contemporary architecture.


Guests are offered four different options according to the results to achieve, they can choose among cleansing, energizing, restoring or relaxing packages. Enchanting sensory paths aim at adjusting and re-balancing your energy field  through harmonization of the five elements both human beings and the universe are mode of – Water, Fire, Earth, Air, Aether.

At Sensory spa guests are given the opportunity of entering a pyramid power space scaled to  Khufu’s Great Pyramid proportions and to experience a totally soundproof room.  They are also offered a very inspiring  way to explore Earth concept through manipulation of different types of thermal mud.

You can treat yourself to twenty great thermal treatments to restore physical and emotional wellbeing , stretching from Cold Mist or Ice showers to saline water pools and steam rooms, which provide both traditional or Etruscan sauna – the letter one is flavored  by  Tuscany fragrances.  And not to be forgotten is the combination of steam baths with the Emotional showers with water from the Acqua Santa spring.


Here thousands and thousands of water drops are first passed through fire or turned into ice and then caught in thermal baths and paths to be sprayed through showers or to be mashed in exclusive cosmetic products for face and body skin care – they definitely are a gentle and most restoring treatment both for  your body and your soul.

We were delighted to go through aromatherapy, chromotherapy and music therapy rooms and to discover the inner silence room, where we were offered a very special and unique experience.


Don’t miss the music pool, where you will have the chance to plunge your head under water and finally let yourself go while enjoying the sound of violins,  until it really seem that you have become a single thing with the water and the environment surrounding you.


In August 2014  a new Taste room was opened, offering a buffet specially designed by professor in food science and jet-set nutritionist Nicola Sorrentino, providing a choice of delicious dishes made of fresh local products and extra-virgin olive oil only.   On the top floor you will find a health club  offering both modern tools, relax gear and ancient oriental methods stretching from naturopathy to holistic medicine .

Dressing rooms offer an unrivalled view of the parks and hot tubs that are lit by changing coloured lights according to chromotherapy principles. You can begin slimming programmes based on customized diet plans  and try one of their memorable massages or cosmetic treatments – or just restore your inner peace and balance.

You can begin programmes that are specifically designed for slimming, restoring skin tone ad elasticity or anti-age effect thanks to most modern tools and up-to-date cosmetic research activities and to the counseling offered by cosmetics experts.

Chianciano spa resorts provide a choice of four extraordinary therapeutic kinds of water. Acqua Santa is a mineral and thermal water springing in Acqua Santa park at a temperature of  33 C°. It is bottled and distributed in pharmacies as well as in wholesale markets. You may also order on-line and get it delivered at your address. Thanks to its miraculous properties, this water is used in combination with other natural elements to produce lotions both for face and body quality skin care. Hydropinic therapy has depurative, detoxifying and metabolism booster properties and it is recommended in case of liver or biliary disease.

Acqua Fucoli water springs at a temperature of 16,5 C°. It has anti-inflammatory properties on gastroduodenal mucosa, it helps prevent osteoporosis thanks to its calcium content and it is highly recommended in treatment of intestinal motility disorders.

Acqua Santissima springs in Sillen spa facility at a temperature of 24 C°. This hypothermal water is rich in bicarbonate and sulphates and it is highly recommended both to adults and children for inhalations and nasal cleanings for its anti-inflammatory , mucolytic and soothing properties upon upper respiratory tract and bronchial .

And then finally Acqua Sillene water, that is characterized by  high contents of carbon-dioxide and it is used both for balneo-therapy and mud baths.

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