He, a fearless Sagittarius, and I, a restless Aries… this meeting of two fiery souls gave birth to our passion for traveling in search of unknown worlds and to the desire to move away from social restrictions and to rebel against the prospect of a humdrum and  conformist existence.

Our desire to experience the variety and diversity of world cultures has led us to our first trip, and since then our lives were never the same.     Traveling requires both the ability to adapt to different ways of life and to tolerate oddities that would be considered unacceptable. When traveling, what you are by birth, your past, and your social standing in the context in which you live have no value.

Only you and your ability to relate to new worlds are left together with your ability in dealing with unexpected difficulties and sudden emotions that were unknown to you.

As was written by St. Augustine: “The world is a book , and those who do not travel read only a page”. That’s our motto!


  1. Bel motto! 😉 Anch’io nel mio blog l’ho fatto mio per descrivere l’immensità di cose che si apprendono durante un viaggio… e quando si torna si è sempre un po’ più ricchi di prima. Una ricchezza che non si misura in denaro, ma con la voglia di ripartire che si ha nel cuore. Buoni viaggi, Cuoriribelli! 🙂

    1. Grazie Chiara!Hai proprio ragione… infatti anche noi la pensiamo così, ed è per questo che non smetteremo mai di viaggiare! Buon viaggio anche a te, continua a seguirci!

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